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Soda Bread, Help? (yeast free, gluten free & vegan)

Today I had my first pop at making Soda bread.  No particular reason why, I was just hungry and bored, I suppose! 

I followed the Dove’s Farm recipe – here: Original Recipe Link and just added 1/4tsp black pepper (because I am obsessed with black pepper…)

The bread was lovely, tasted delicious, and probably my best bread attempt yet, but it was a bit doughy inside, and had a crust that would crack a weak tooth… any suggestions on how to improve it would be great, please?


About intoleranceisbliss

Finding out I was intolerant to gluten hit me hard. I love bread, I love beer, and I've never had much time to cook. Discovering I was lactose intolerant floored me. Goodbye cheese, and goodbye convenience. More than 12 months since my discovery, I can actually say it changed my life for the better - being intolerant to stuff isn't the end of the world. I promise :)

add your comments / questions here :)

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