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Foraging!… sort of… Making do…

When you’ve eaten your cupboards bare of the gluten free bread and cereal, and anything else remotely convenient, and your stomach starts to shout at you, foraging instincts kick in. Not literally the instinct to go out into the forest to find breakfast, but the instinct to rustle something up from bits & pieces that you have to hand.  Today’s rustle of choice was sliced bananas, glace cherries, dairy free yoghurt topped with chopped brazil nuts and a drizzle of honey.  Not exactly food porn, and I probably would have preferred an obscene amount of peanut butter on gluten free granary, but this was delicious nonetheless. And it stopped my belly shouting at me for now.


About intoleranceisbliss

Finding out I was intolerant to gluten hit me hard. I love bread, I love beer, and I've never had much time to cook. Discovering I was lactose intolerant floored me. Goodbye cheese, and goodbye convenience. More than 12 months since my discovery, I can actually say it changed my life for the better - being intolerant to stuff isn't the end of the world. I promise :)

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